What is the price?

Reserve your spot for $50 per person!

Standard Housing:

  • 4 per room: $249 per person
  • 3 per room: $289 per person
  • 2 per room: $369 per person


Deluxe Housing:

  • 4 per room: $309 per person
  • 3 per room: $369 per person
  • 2 per room: $459 per person

Prices include four nights, five days lodging, the registration fee, in-city transportation and all the conference attractions. The prices do not include meals or transportation to Las Vegas. Standard hotels offer a continental breakfast.



  • $109 per person
  • Prices include transportation to mission projects and all the conference attractions.


What will we do?

Each morning your group will experience a local worship band from the area as they lead worship.  During our mornings together, the teaching and speaking of Scott Dawson, Reward Sibanda, and Wade Morris will also challenge you.  They will share each morning as we walk through messages that will challenge your students to be more effective disciples for Christ and will be taught how to share their faith. Hang on to your hat!  Your students will go back ready to be used as facilitators of change in their homes, churches, schools and communities. The afternoons will consist of canvasing the city as they share their faith through evangelism and mission projects. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Pathfinders 2021 will participate in two city events with Lecrae and Crowder. After each service, in the evenings, your students will have the opportunity to have Church Time with you.  This will give your students a time to share what has been learned throughout the day.  You will find this time together also strengthens the mentoring process with adults to students.  We have found this time to be one of the most often requested items at our conferences.  It seems to also be one of the most necessary aspects.  Your group will grow together and go home challenged to continue the process of Pathfinder Missions.


What if we have shy students?

In just four short days, your group will receive gifts of eternal value ranging from on-site mentoring, intense discipleship, inspirational concerts and evangelism.  The greatest benefit will be the changed lives and hearts in your group.  Testimony after testimony by the student groups that have participated in our events throughout the last eight years confirm they have gone home changed.  These changes encourage them to be bold believers for Christ in the community in which they live.  You are guaranteed that after your students come into a strange city, and share their faith, they will leave realizing that Christ has called them to be real and relevant in their daily lives in your hometown.  We believe the greatest benefit your ministry will receive after participating in Pathfinder Missions will be the dividends in the months to come. Watch as your students go back sharing their faith with their friends and family in their own neighborhoods, allowing your ministry to be strengthened and increased by this week long process.


How will we get around the city?

SDEA will provide ground transportation during the 4 days of the event. If your group would like to come in an extra day early or stay a day late for sight-seeing, transportation will be your responsibility during that day.

What is the schedule?

  • June 10 - Pathfinder Missions arrive in Las Vegas with evening rally

  • June 11 - Morning: Evangelism/Mission Projects
    Afternoon: Student Bible Conference
    Night: City-Wide Event

  • June 12 - Morning: Evangelism/Mission Projects
    Afternoon: Student Bible Conference
    Night: City-Wide Event

  • June 13 - Closing Rally
    Night: Free Evening

  • June 14 - Head Home