What is the cost?

We will be providing some of the most enjoyable, entertaining, and inspiring activities possible during a three-night, four-day event.

$279 per person

Price includes lodging and ALL meals from Friday night's dinner through Monday morning's breakfast. STS Camp attendees will be housed at the Laguna Beach accommodations which are located at the west end of Panama City Beach, in a safe, less congested area of the beach, away from the "strip", but close enough to drive to all of the activities that Panama City Beach has to offer.

For groups not staying at the camp accommodations there is an $89 per person conference fee.  This fee does not include meals.

You may reserve spots at STS Camp by paying a non-refundable deposit of $50 per person.

Receive a $10 per person discount and a free shirt for your group when you are paid in full by March 12, 2021!

What about weather?

STS has your group’s safety in mind as we host events. If we are unable to host an event due to weather conditions, the $89 registration fee cannot be refunded. Refunds of final balance payments will be made only if properties and/or locations refund STS for these costs. If an event is hosted as scheduled and your group cancels or reduces numbers due to weather conditions, all payments are non-refundable. For your peace of mind, please know we have never had to cancel a STS event.

What is the refund policy?

90-365 days out

Strength to Stand will offer a full refund minus a $50 per person non-refundable deposit. No questions asked.

46-89 days out

Strength to Stand will offer a half refund minus $50 per person non-refundable deposit.

45 days out

No refunds unless approved by STS. The following are acceptable reasons for a refund: (1) A person is unable to attend due to medical conditions. A signed statement from a medical doctor advising the person not to attend the conference must be presented with a letter of request. The letter from the doctor must be written for the sole purpose of requesting the refund and/or the dates of the conference must be mentioned in the time period forbidding travel by the person registered for the conference. If the person is hospitalized on any day of the conference, a letter from the hospital showing the dates of hospitalization shall serve in place of a letter from a medical doctor. (2) Death of an immediate family member. The immediate family shall be defined as parents, stepparents, grandparents, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, sisters, stepsisters, brothers, stepbrothers, aunts or uncles. This policy does not apply to cousins. A copy of the obituary showing the date must be attached to the refund request. In cases where the obituary does not show the family relationship, a letter from a pastor or funeral director handling the services must be attached to the refund request. (3) A person is married to an individual who meets the criteria of (1) or (2) above. (4) The requirement of a governing school body of a registered individual to attend classes. (5) Service on jury duty or active military duty by a registered individual. Documentation of proof of the above situations may be required before a refund will be issued. (6) A pastor or paid church staff member is required to participate in a funeral service during the conference. An obituary or a letter from a funeral director of officiating minister stating the person's involvement in the funeral must be attached to the refund request. Each refund date is counted back from the opening day of STS Camp.


All deposits are non-refundable.

All group accounts must be paid in full before refunds can be made to any person in the group. Such refunds shall be credited to the account of the group.

Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.

The STS Camp office must receive any required documentation before the end of thirty (30) days after the close of Camp.

All refunds will be paid within 30 days after the event.

All requests for refunds must be in writing and sent to:

Strength to Stand Camp

PO BOX 59405

Birmingham, AL 35259

[email protected]


What is the National Disaster Cancellation Fee?

Since Strength to Stand began, we have always been committed to do everything in our power to follow through with hosting planned events. However, in these uncertain times post-9/11, a national disaster or act of terror could render us both unable to host a planned event and unable to return your deposits. We hire staff, purchase equipment, and rent non-refundable facilities based on your reservations. Please be advised that if a Strength to Stand event is cancelled due to such extraordinary circumstances, we cannot refund the $89 registration fee regardless of other published cancellation dates and deadlines.

How do I register?

Thank you for taking the first step in registering for STS Camp.  Due to insurance and safety regulations, armbands will be given to all attendees. Fill out the summary sheet for the entire group. Make sure that you include your group's sign up list with your check.  We cannot assign your accommodations to your group without a completed sign up sheet.  Send all forms, along with one check for your deposit or total amount payable to the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, Inc., to:

c/o STS Camp
PO BOX 59405
Birmingham, AL 35259


We will receive registrations until we reach our maximum capacity of meeting space. You may fax your reservation, including your American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard number to 205.833.9138, or register online at www.strengthtostand.com. Any payments received within 30 days of the conference are ONLY payable by church check, money order, cash, Discover/Visa/MasterCard or American Express.

What are the accommodations?

STS Camp will be held at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat in Panama City, FL. The campus includes 90 family-style units with full kitchenettes. All rooms are fully air-conditioned apartments, with kitchens, cable tv, and a variety of sleeping configurations. Located at the west end of Panama City Beach, in a safe, less congested area of the beach, away from the "strip", but close enough to drive to all of the activities that Panama City Beach has to offer.  For a more detailed view check out the website christiancamp.com.  

What about meals?

Eight meals are covered in your price! We offer three hot, delicious meals a day for groups staying at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat.  Each home-style meal is prepared fresh by their cooking staff. One of the more pleasant surprises for first time groups staying at the retreat is the food service. Here are just a few of the reasons you will never experience better camp food:

What is recreation?

At STS Camp, every group is going to have a chance at a championship game in two different sports. If you have students that think they are basketball stars, then here is their chance to prove it. At the 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, there will be one tournament for males and one for females. There will also be a Volleyball Invitational Tournament consisting of 9 player teams. Basketball and volleyball isn't your thing? Then try some of our other rec options. Brackets will be set once every team is entered. We will start taking teams on the Friday night your group arrives. You will then be given your game times at the Saturday morning session. We will have a Sports Booth set up in the main worship area to answer questions and post results. Each church can sign up as many teams as they want as long as they have the personnel to support them. Please note that a person can only play on one team per sport. So one person can be on a 3 on 3 team and a volleyball team, but that person cannot be on two different 3 on 3 teams or volleyball teams. There will be official referees and their calls on the games are official and final.

STS reserves the right to change requirements and rules if necessary.

What is the dress code?

STS has no specific requirements for dress code, but we want your students to be comfortable, yet respectful in their attire. Any dress code decisions are up to the Student Pastor, including swimwear, and we ask that you enforce a modesty among your students that is fitting for a gathering at your own church.  This may look different for each group, but our goal is to create an environment where student can enjoy the beach and pool together without unnecessary distraction. This is a great time to display to non-believers the life-changing faith in Christ, and teach the youth of your church about respect for one another.